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Closing requests for 2024 in May.

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for great missions.

Art Director

If you think you need to handle common image editing tools and create innovative UI/UX concepts, you should consider calling a certified Art Director.

Required Skills

  • certified experience in digital/media design
  • Tendance spotting
  • professional in Photoshop, Illustrator
  • coordinating and leading a team
  • communicating with clients

Audio/Video Editor

You need to record, edit and produce audio and video, take and edit photographs or develop extensive animations ? Contact me.

Required Skills

  • Media standards exhaustive knowledge
  • 20 years practical experience

  • professional in Premiere, After Effects
  • creating 2D/3D visuals and animations
  • collaborating with Art Director

Media Workflow Engineering

You need to bring a media assets methodology to industrial process, set up quality standards and cost-effective digital transformation, just ask.

Required Skills

  • complete IT-tech speaker
  • Code reader ability
  • project lifecycle management
  • working in a team
  • coordinating with high tech suppliers

Send me your request, project guidelines and your latest portfolio.