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Executives make the dreams.
Engineers make it happen. Creatives make it catchy.

For more than 15 Years, Julien VANDANJON & his associates have been involved in some of the most disruptive mutations in the graphic, photography & motion design industries. 
Now, it's time for you to enjoy expertise.



You believe your Head of Digital is a born killer because he/she comes from a great magazine newsroom  ? Think twice. Digital strategy needs finesse, long-term view and clever invest. 


What you show is what people think you are. You think you don't need Youtube because you sell luxury goods ? You think Google Maps is only a platform to find your way to the post-office ? There is so much more to achieve.


Simple is difficult. But Simplicity is the real key behind every industrial success story. From the first wheel to the very last IA driven drone : clever design, accuracy, suitability makes the world better.


Know your customers, elaborate engaging journeys towards your information, track feedbacks and create a strong data architecture to build smart new strategies around proven needs and opportunitites.


Digital means computers. Computers means tough IT management, where every assets just fit, before being flooded. Your employees keep backups on USB keys and your only Cloud is a Ghost Dropbox ? Who you gonna call... ?


You are actually successful with a lot of (insert your product or KPI name here).

Will it last forever ? Let's think your tomorrow together.



Get quickly a clear overview of your needs & the key steps to perform.
starting at

4,000 €

Digital transformation mate

From specifications to change management, the mate you always dreamed of.
starting at

8,000 €

E-Commerce upgrade to fit new generation UIX

Not easy when you fear to loose everything you already build.
starting at

7,000 €

Mobile App Project Management

When you don't f**ckn understand what the dev agency talks about. Grab an expert.
starting at

3,500 €

Print & Packaging Automation

Starting from business cards to complex 3D-Print objects.

self generated Animations, Motion Capture & VR/AR

Animations, Motion Capturing and Virtual Reality experience.

Photo, Audio & Video quality control & management

Special audio environments or professional commercials directed by a pro.

Tailored Solutions

In case you want something unique, we are always happy to find a solution that suits your vision and wishes.