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Julien Vandanjon-Rancoule Dataviz Resume

Julien Vandanjon-Rancoule

Digital Media Expert - Business Analyst

Visual networks

Long story short...

Aged 42, half engineer and half creative director with a caustic sense of humor and an appetite for IT projects including media and innovation. Active in legal and ethical press monitoring and artificial intelligence. Philanthropist in historical research and cultural mediation.

Copilot Style




I'm oldschool


Years of Experience


Areas of Expertise

  • AI/Digital Workflows

  • Project Management

  • Strategic Planning & Execution

  • Budgeting & Cost Reduction

  • Digital Campaigns Execution

  • IT Testing & Troubleshooting

  • Relationship Building

  • Digitization Automation

  • Regulatory Compliance


  • ADKAR Change Management

  • AGILE / Scrum

  • LEAN / Kanban

  • ITIL

Peer Assessment

Ask them about me
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    Service Manager

    Promethée New Space


  • Youness SAAIDI

    Warehouse Manager



  • Dimitri TUBAN


    Pole Production


  • David GAGNEUR


    Iconothèque Historique de l'Océan Indien


  • Fabien MUSTY

    IT & Video systems Consultant

    RTL Belgium


  • Michel Ange Masdongar

    Tech & Growth Engineering



Beneath the Pathline

  • 2024-2022

    Product Owner, Project Manager

    Mission RTL Belgium Group, Critical Digital Business Project Press News, Digital Transformation : Radio Bel RTL, RTL Tvi, Radio Contact, RTL Play, etc.

    Mission summary : 
    The mission was to kindly cleanup the mess, document and drive the completion of a bogged down highly strategic project for the news production workflows. Firmly (re-)creating the link between developpers team, IT support and security officers, 3rd party software and hardware developpers, and journalists from various horizons. Prioritizing the tasks, challenging the UX/UI, identifying leaks in the workflows, building the KPI and monitoring interfaces, and preparing the delivery with future product owner and system administrators.

    In this role, I successfully : 

    • Piloted the delivery of critical digital transformation of transmedia national press editing environment (Radio, TV, Digital)
    • Enabled futureproof hybrid digital assets management workflows combining professional broadcast equipment and new generation podcasts and streamers cross-channels.
    • Went to AI International Press market watch, drafted deontology guidelines, and first industrial iterations involving global 3rd party contractants  and partners such as Adobe California and EVS Broadcast Equipment.
    • GDPR Regulatory Compliance implementation in complex B2B+B2C high scale environment, collaboration with legal teams both on CMS and internal tracking workflows. Presence in International key events such as VISA pour l’Image (perpignan) and European AI Alliance Assembly (Madrid)
    • Trained tier 1 to Tier 3 support Teams, Key users and on-site evangelism in all company offices (Brussels Headquarters, Luxemburg, Namur, Charleroi, Liège)

    Video Summary

  • 2020-2022

    Business Analyst

    Mission Rodschinson Investment, Scaling Up Real Estate and Investment Digital Transformation : from implementing Agile Methodologies to Enabling CRM Product management.

    Mission summary : 
    Evaluate and script all the workflows in company, from offshore prospecting to customer journey via CRM, and archive digital management procedures via UML Framework. Lead, train, and guide a team of eight members while enabling arbitration from C-Level, including executive assistants, marketing operators, community manager, designers, and product owner. Develop and facilitate complete roadmap for remote video marketing automation.

    In this role, I successfully : 

    • Rebranded company with a clean and elegant Graphic chart; launched two web-portals in three languages and created core content for a 20 sectorial minisites galaxy.
    • Enhanced traffic quality by 500% and social audience by 300%.
    • Adopted audience tracking and conversion measurement procedures via market leading solutions such as ZohoCRM - SemRUSH.
    • Hands-on on POC designs in HTML/CSS/Javascript/webVR toolboxing conception

    Video Summary

  • 2019-2020

    Heritage Innovation R&D Partner, Digital Architect

    Mission War Heritage Institute, Historical Digitization Process Benchmark : From Clothing to Vehicles and accessories & Objet Temoin, Digital Innovation for cultural Mediation

    Mission summary : 
    Planned and executed strategic business processes to improve customer experience, increase scientific accuracy, and enable complex digitized assets management. Devised and implemented leading-edge best practices for archeology, 3D capture, digital movie edition, digital workflows colour management, transmedia colour profile proofing, and photography lighting calibration. Monitored and improved production of exhaustive documentation, training support, e-learning material, and live pedagogy with B2B/B2C consumers.

    In this role, I successfully : 

    Project Description & Reports

  • 2017-2018

    Media Workflows Engineer, Digital Assets Logistics and First Art Director Online TV Series

    Mission EEM World Sport Events, International show jumping competition : From Hong Kong to New York and Paris

    Mission summary :

    As Media Workflows Engineer / Global Live Event, EEM World 2017 to 2018

    Technologies: Broadcast truck + Livestream and IPTV VOD, Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection.

    Delivered effective leadership to the creative team (journalists and editors). Performed various duties, including TV broadcast (Eurosport) motion design, press releases final editing, subtitling, and FTP delivery. Managed continuous Live events via powerful streaming systems and VOD instant replay databanking.

    • Spearheaded Longines Masters EUROPE/USA/CHINA 3rd Season and Riders Masters Cup (EU/US) + Asia Horse Week (CH) Kick-Off projects.
    • Delivered & backup 300+ movies to 200k+ simultaneous measured viewers at global scale.

    As Media Workflows Engineer / Digital Assets Logistics

    Technologies: Basecamp, MS SharePoint, Planner, Pipedrive.

    Steered and delivered digital media assets management foundation and overall digital transformation for clouded solution kick-off projects from conception to completion. Performed digital and non-digital archives thesaurus measurement as well as established and recommended formats / harmonisation standards. Conducted costing evaluation with a focus on cost reduction and control. Deployed and maintained hardware / software; executed training and development programmes. 

    • Recovered and managed 21M+ files from 12+ years of digital video archives in 14+ formats.

    As First Art Director / Online TV Series

    Technologies: On-set Steadycam & Slow-Motion, Drone, multi-camera colour management.

    Administered preproduction logistics and production service. Prepared and presented financial report for informed decision-making. Developed complete art direction of Film Crew & Drone Pilots in Animals vicinity, Extra Slow-Motion jump capture and Visual Effects and colour management on remote location.

    • Managed in Lucy Davis’ Eyes, 10 episodes web series with American Olympic show jumping medalist project.
    • Drove process from scripting to editing and music integration for forked delivery online-TV, streaming service, and Squared Social Media recrop.
    • The event Obtained an Award at Les Assises de l'Evènement.

    Event Trailer

  • 2016-2017

    Digitization Automation Architect

    Mission PixMyCar STVA, International Automotive Logistics : Vehicle Photobooths

    Mission summary :

    Technologies: High resolution video to DAM System proofing, Workflow designs for industrial lighting automation / mechanical automation.

    Enabled successful transformation of automotive imagery to automation as well as improved workflows quality standards and IT architecture. Conducted effective analysis of existing processes for continuous process and performance improvement. Created and facilitated architecture design. 

    • Enabled unmatched cost-effective integration of enhanced Vehicle Studio requirements for 17 locations in Europe.

    Event Trailer

  • 2015-2016

    Scrum Master / Web Project Manager

    Mission GreenTropism, Scientific Imagery Processing : Illustrating the invisible

    Mission summary :
    Rebranding & Educational content.

    In this role, I successfully : 

    • Developed a responsive website from scratch.
    • Led and guided developers & UX UI team
    • Prepared and assessed documentation in interactive formats
    • performed translation documentation of FR/EN.
    • Performed usual responsive CMS integration Joomla/WordPress and sidebrand assets art direction (C-level Photobook, etc.).

    Dive into science

  • 2004-2015

    Art Director, Digital Project PM, TV/Cinema Grips & Lighting

    Lead Lighting Engineer, Compagnie Paradis Eprouvette 2012 to 2014

    Developed and facilitated concert halls and Standalone lighting setups design. Ensured effective management and automation of on location live lighting. Collaborated with local sets techs, while managing occasionally sound.

    • Spearheaded and completed Theater show lighting on Tour (France/Europe) and Festival d’Avignon Kids show lighting scenography projects under budget and time.
    • Led first youth primed show at Philarmonie de Paris new facilities delivery in 2014.

    Additional Experience

    B2B-Science Photography Shop Manager and R&D Engineer, Prophot Group; Led and droved production project of the 1st European movie using 3D cinema techniques with DSLR Canon Europe Reflex Cameras; produced the POC for less than 20% of the usual budget required for this type of production (usually around 200 to €500K).

    Digitization Automation Consultant, Aramisauto

    Digitization Automation Architect, PixMyCar

    Agile Project Management Evangelist, Orkis Systems

    Digitization Automation Consultant, Objectif Bastille

    Independent Filmmaker, CARGO Groupe / Provençale SA

    Scrum Master - City Train Saas Ticketing Service, Undisclosed

    Video to Stop-Motion Architect, Quiksilver Europe

    Technical Advisor French Market Transition, Fotorobots

    Quality Grading & Workflow Consultant, Spin36

    Scrum Master / Project Manager : Research & Development, News Raccoon

    Freelance Interactive Art Director, Steelcase

  • Education

    Design through traditional media and hardware construction for Digital Arts & Communication projects

    History of Arts & Design, Trends and Digital Culture, market watch
    Design rules & best practices for Event, Printed Medias, Digital Movie Edition, Digital workflows color management, Transmedia Color profile proofing, photography lighting, calibration

    Produce and/or drive production of exhaustive documentation, training support, e-learning material, live pedagogy with B2B/B2C consumers.

    ● Communication/Creative project management methodology, curation, production budgets & reporting

    Assemble, configure & install PCs/MAC & periphericals

    ● Provide Maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of computers & peripherals
    Install, configure, use and troubleshoot operating systems (Windows/MacOS), common utilities, various communication & e-mailing softwares, office softwares
    Connect computers & other devices through local & extended networks
    Ensure the management of peer-to-peer and centralized networks (basic functions : account creation, sharing of resources, management of permission and access rights, security management, DHCP & DNS services, server of mail...) under Windows.
    Provide technical support hard / soft & network to users (helpdesk), in French and English.
    Manage development projects lifecycle for web, media workflows, and mobility using various methodologies such as UML, Kanban, Waterfall, V Cycle, Agile
    ● Manage Digital Transformation via ADKAR Methodology 

  • Licences & Certifications

  • Languages

    With a childhood in Reunion Island (Indian Ocean), and an extensive experience in publishing in Creole & French language via children adventure books, with Editions K'A, now became Galerie Treize - El Taller, and also Actes Sud Papiers there is proven records of copywriter level in both languages. 

    On another hand, professional proficiency in english is also mandatory for large scale Business Analysis efficiency and Digital Project Management, with a strong vocabulary in IT and development tools.

    Former movies and education projects accross borders allowed to develop a strong base for Spanish understanding and Català.

    More recently, as new long term Belgian Resident, this came naturally with the opening of a learning curve of Nederlands, to reach quickly the full potential of work efficiency accross northern europe, South Africa and Surinam.

  • Technologies (Visual related)

  • Technologies (Web related)

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16 rue Théophile Mousseau
85200 Fontenay-Le-Comte

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rue Vandergoten 4
1160 Auderghem, Brussels

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Always opened
for great missions.

Art Director

If you think you need to handle common image editing tools and create innovative UI/UX concepts, you should consider calling a certified Art Director.

Required Skills

  • certified experience in digital/media design
  • Tendance spotting
  • professional in Photoshop, Illustrator
  • coordinating and leading a team
  • communicating with clients

Audio/Video Editor

You need to record, edit and produce audio and video, take and edit photographs or develop extensive animations ? Contact me.

Required Skills

  • Media standards exhaustive knowledge
  • 20 years practical experience

  • professional in Premiere, After Effects
  • creating 2D/3D visuals and animations
  • collaborating with Art Director

Media Workflow Engineering

You need to bring a media assets methodology to industrial process, set up quality standards and cost-effective digital transformation, just ask.

Required Skills

  • complete IT-tech speaker
  • Code reader ability
  • project lifecycle management
  • working in a team
  • coordinating with high tech suppliers

Send me your request, project guidelines and your latest portfolio.

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Art is a lie

which reveals the truth. Pablo Picasso

  • Julien VANDANJON

    Digital Creative Engineer

  • Douglas Adams

    20th Century Creative Hero

  • Georges Abitbol

    Smartest man on Earth

A Creative Engineer DNA, since 1981.

The man

Born in France, raised in Reunion Island (French southern offshore territories), from a family of teachers, researchers and engineers.

After studies in Art & IT Engineering, I NEVER dissociated both all along my rich carreer from Print Industry to Cinema & marketing/communication agencies.

Now living in Brussels and working with awesome people who think plain talk is a virtue. 

The Leitmotiv

Everyday less dumb than yesterday. This is the spirit wich allows to learn, understand and transmit information through the best shape, whatever the medium can be.

The one and only rule is : simple is efficient.

After more than 15 years of digital creation, great success and delusions, the flame burns intact.

TV Media Feeding

Live & Sport Events

Studio Building

Packshot & Commercials

Need a picture?

Maybe we are made for one another.

Workflow Automation

For Media Engineering

Wildlife Documentaries

Foreign Amazonia

Actor Direction

Video & photo sets

3D Stereoscopic



Photo & Postprocessing

Social Media

Content Production

Aerial Imagery

w/ Drones & Light Aircrafts

UI/UIX Design

App & Cloud solutions


For Print & Animated Movies

Scene lighting

For Shows and Events


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Your Benefits

Executives make the dreams.
Engineers make it happen. Creatives make it catchy.

For more than 15 Years, Julien VANDANJON & his associates have been involved in some of the most disruptive mutations in the graphic, photography & motion design industries. 
Now, it's time for you to enjoy expertise.


  • Strategy

    You believe your Head of Digital is a born killer because he/she comes from a great magazine newsroom  ? Think twice. Digital strategy needs finesse, long-term view and clever invest. 

  • Branding

    What you show is what people think you are. You think you don't need Youtube because you sell luxury goods ? You think Google Maps is only a platform to find your way to the post-office ? There is so much more to achieve.

  • Design

    Simple is difficult. But Simplicity is the real key behind every industrial success story. From the first wheel to the very last IA driven drone : clever design, accuracy, suitability makes the world better.

  • Marketing

    Know your customers, elaborate engaging journeys towards your information, track feedbacks and create a strong data architecture to build smart new strategies around proven needs and opportunitites.

  • Technology

    Digital means computers. Computers means tough IT management, where every assets just fit, before being flooded. Your employees keep backups on USB keys and your only Cloud is a Ghost Dropbox ? Who you gonna call... ?

  • Development

    You are actually successful with a lot of (insert your product or KPI name here).

    Will it last forever ? Let's think your tomorrow together.



Get quickly a clear overview of your needs & the key steps to perform.

4,000 €

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Digital transformation mate

From specifications to change management, the mate you always dreamed of.

8,000 €

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E-Commerce upgrade to fit new generation UIX

Not easy when you fear to loose everything you already build.

7,000 €

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Mobile App Project Management

When you don't f**ckn understand what the dev agency talks about. Grab an expert.

3,500 €

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Print & Packaging Automation

Starting from business cards to complex 3D-Print objects.

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self generated Animations, Motion Capture & VR/AR

Animations, Motion Capturing and Virtual Reality experience.

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Photo, Audio & Video quality control & management

Special audio environments or professional commercials directed by a pro.

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Tailored Solutions

In case you want something unique, we are always happy to find a solution that suits your vision and wishes.

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