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IT Consulting & Media Expertise

Since 2003







Our crew is blending the expertise of the three brothers talents to offer innovative solutions across various domains. The older, Julien Vandanjon-Rancoule, with his background in photography and engineering, brings a creative edge to the team. His proficiency in fusing art with technology is pivotal in offering clients visually appealing and technologically robust solutions. His passion for creative digitization and heritage preservation adds a unique flavor to the team's projects, ensuring they are not only efficient but also culturally enriching.

A unique consultancy team from Reunion Island, Indian Ocean.

On the other hand, Laurent HERAULT the DevOps engineer, a graduate from ESIEA school with a specialty in cybersecurity, contributes critical technical skills. This individual's ability to integrate software development with IT operations enhances the team's capability to deliver secure, high-quality tech solutions. His expertise in cybersecurity is vital in today's digital landscape, offering clients peace of mind regarding the safety and integrity of your digital assets.

Completing the trio is Benoît Vandanjon the React/JS evangelist from Wild Code School, whose background in education and video games brings a dynamic and engaging approach to web development. This member's expertise in crafting interactive and user-friendly web experiences is invaluable in a world where digital presence is paramount. Their ability to inspire and innovate using the latest web technologies ensures that the team's offerings are not just functional but also cutting-edge.

Observe, Understand & Transmit

Together, Vandanjon-Herault-Rancoule consultancy team stands as a beacon of interdisciplinary collaboration, combining art, technology, cybersecurity, and innovative web development to deliver comprehensive, bespoke solutions to our clients. Our work is characterized by a blend of aesthetic appeal, technical excellence, and forward-thinking creativity, for businesses seeking to navigate the complex digital landscape with ease and confidence.




An ESIEA graduate with a focus in cybersecurity, excelling in DevOps, blending software development and operations for efficient, secure systems, ensuring robust, safe digital environments.



Wild Code School React/JS trainer with a blend of education and video game expertise. Actually on his way to perform in Rust for code a step beyond.



A talented photographer and engineer from Reunion Island, who expertly fuses art with technology, passionately engaging in innovative digitization and preserving heritage through advanced, contemporary methods.