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Art is a lie

which reveals the truth. Pablo Picasso


Digital Creative Engineer

Douglas Adams

20th Century Creative Hero

Georges Abitbol

Smartest man on Earth

A Creative Engineer DNA, since 1981.

The man

Born in France, raised in Reunion Island (French southern offshore territories), from a family of teachers, researchers and engineers.

After studies in Art & IT Engineering, I NEVER dissociated both all along my rich carreer from Print Industry to Cinema & marketing/communication agencies.

Now living in Brussels and working with awesome people who think plain talk is a virtue. 

The Leitmotiv

Everyday less dumb than yesterday. This is the spirit wich allows to learn, understand and transmit information through the best shape, whatever the medium can be.

The one and only rule is : simple is efficient.

After more than 15 years of digital creation, great success and delusions, the flame burns intact.

TV Media Feeding

Live & Sport Events

Studio Building

Packshot & Commercials

Workflow Automation

For Media Engineering

Wildlife Documentaries

Foreign Amazonia

Actor Direction

Video & photo sets

3D Stereoscopic



Photo & Postprocessing

Social Media

Content Production

Aerial Imagery

w/ Drones & Light Aircrafts

UI/UIX Design

App & Cloud solutions


For Print & Animated Movies

Scene lighting

For Shows and Events